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Small mouth bass! is the one we go for..I hope you like them as much as we do. have a seat and enjoy a trip from a belly tube.you will be as close to the action as you have ever been.. and the top water hit is the best that there is...BY FAR........

......We take 2 or 3 fisherman or fishing women on 4hr. and 6 hr. an 8 hr. trips.. in the RAYSTOWN DAM...or in the JUNIATA RIVER...and in the SUSQUEHANNA RIVER..
COST.. IS 10.00 per hr. per person..(fishing time).. not road time .. or eating time ..hohoho.....CALL me and we will talk.. @814 627 0318... I have caught a few good ones, my best is a 6#8oz 22" er I wil get the picture on here soon.. He....(she)Is on my wall right now .. I am looking at her as I write.. boy was that a fight and a half. I was duck hunting when I caught it ...Well when we fish I will let you know about that one.. and you might get a biger one you self.